OpenHAid – The free hearing aid

What is OpenHAid?
OpenHaid stands for »Open Hearing Aid« and is so far just a name for the idea of creating a platform about hearing aids. Not the commercial but the collaborative way of development is the center of interest.
Everyone dealing with any kind of hearing aids and systems is heartly welcomed to take part in this project – audiologists, engineers, producer, programmer, institutions, sponsors and of course and above all: people using hearing aids.

Why OpenHAid?
Many devices available on the market are simply a compromise for the clients. Setting programs are proprietary and very often individual settings cannot be realized. Generally, the calibration can only be done by an audiologist and there is no room for any individuality.
Audiologists, on the other hand, need good knowledge of versatile programs and applications. Moreover, also the hearing aids could be more innovative. Marketing strategies present the device as ‘life style-product’, however it is still an adjuvant and should be first of all practical and comfortable.
The community might come up with ideas to improve hearing situations and hearing devices. This also includes cost reduction, as innovations might be developed cheaper and expenses on marketing could be saved.

Project objectives

  • Development of an open, ‘not bound to a producer’- platform
  • Creation of a modular, digital hearing aid
  • Programming an open source calibrating software, which also provides a surface for end customers
  • Creation of a cheap (and wireless) interface
  • Setting up a network of audiologists, who want to support the project in their field (Hardware, setting, consulting)
  • Setting up a market for second-hand hearing aids with professional reconditioning, maintenance and repair

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